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Xbox Game Pass Core 12 Months

Xbox Live Gold - Xbox Game Pass Core 12 Months BRAZIL - Global Activation in 4 steps

Xbox Game Pass Core

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• Adding a payment method (PayPal , Debit, and Credit card) to your Xbox account is required to activate this code.


This Xbox Live Gold 12 Month membership has product-specific activation instructions. Please read the information below carefully or follow the instructions you received in your purchase email.

It still makes no sense? Follow this handy step-by-step guide!

Important Note

If you’re redeeming a Xbox Live subscription code while already having an existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, then your new Xbox Live key will automatically be converted to extend your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If that’s not what you want, then you’ll have to wait for your Game Pass subscription to run out first before you activate your new Xbox Live subscription code.

If you were looking for the best deal on an Xbox Live Gold 12 months subscription, then you’ve come to the right place.

Activate your Xbox Live subscription in less than 10 minutes with these 4 simple steps:

Attention! Code should only be redeemed if your account has no ongoing Xbox Live Gold/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription


It might feel like a bit of a cheat, but VPNs are key.

Find a free VPN trial software that you trust online, download it and install it onto your selected device (either your computer, phone, tablet or Mac). We recommend this one, or this one. But the choice is yours.

If you already use a VPN service, ignore step 1 and continue as normal.


Now that you have access to a VPN, login to it with your details and change your region to Brazil. Then click ‘Connect’.


Now that you’re connecting to the internet from another region, open a new tab in Incognito or Private Mode. This varies between browsers, but if you’re using Chrome then simply click on the three dots (the control drop down menu) that is found in the right hand top corner of your browser window.

Once inside your Incognito tab, go to and login with your Xbox Live details like you normally do.


This is the last, and most difficult step of the whole process.

You have to redeem the code like you always do. That’s it! You’ve done it. Congratulations! You now have a fully functional Xbox Live subscription once again.

One Last Note!

Refusing/Failing to follow these steps, as written, will result in a 56 to 72 hours investigation of your transaction as we will need to forward your case to our Anti-fraud department, who will evaluate your transaction and provide instructions on how to proceed.

What you get with Xbox Live:

More bang for your buck

Gain access to member-exclusive discounts and save up to 75% in store discounts on selected Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles every month.

Playing for keeps

Games with Gold lets you choose between 2-4 games every month to add to your library, free of charge. These games won’t disappear once your subscription runs out either. They’re yours for whenever you want to play.

Xbox Networking

Becoming an Xbox Live member means you become a part of one of the biggest communities of gamers on the fastest and most reliable multiplayer network around. The Xbox gaming network engineered to make sure your game goes uninterrupted. Download the app onto your PC, mobile phone or console and connect to any of your Xbox enabled devices.

Bring a friend

The biggest selling point of any Xbox Live subscription is getting to play with your friends. Tag along on raids, join in on that 5v5 match, sail the high seas with your crew, or sus out the imposters in Among us. All this at your fingertips when you become an Xbox Live member.

Build a reputation

Not sure if a player you’re teamed up with is trustworthy? Xbox Live has a community-powered reputation system that helps better inform players about their behaviour in and around the community. Check out someone’s Gamercard to quickly see where they fall on the reputation scale. If they’re green they’re good, but anything else acts like an early warning system for fellow players.

Join a Club

It can be hard to make friends online. Everyone’s hiding behind their avatar, and sometimes just seem altogether unapproachable. Xbox Clubs are online meeting places that create spaces for like-minded people to hang out in. Joining a club on Xbox will help making friends, and finding more people to play games with, a lot easier.

This is actually for my kid

The internet is a vast ocean of information and things that a parent might not want their kid to see. But you also want them to have fun with their friends online while they play some games. So how do you balance it? Luckily, Microsoft gives you the option of opening an account specifically for your kid. You can monitor and restrict what they see and play with their family of Xbox apps, while also making sure they stay safe. Oh, and you can prevent unauthorised purchases so that no-one accidentally gets that $100 game skin they wanted.

It’s not just gaming

If a year-long subscription to a gaming service doesn’t really tickle your fancy then you can use the monetary value of your subscription in your account’s wallet to purchase items in the store. Grab the latest blockbuster movies, buy that Microsoft app you need, or catch up on some series, all from the comfort of your couch.

Go Ultimate

If all of this sounds great but hasn’t really convinced you to click “Add to Cart” just yet, then maybe going Ultimate would be more up your alley. You can use your Xbox Live membership and change it into a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which gives you all of the benefits of Live Gold but with a soda on the side. Instead of just 2-4 free games a month, you get access to over 100 of the best console and PC games available with new titles coming to the service on the regular.

Even if you decide after a few months of using Xbox Live that you’d prefer to switch over to Game Pass, Microsoft will convert the remaining months of your Live subscription to Game Pass months. Think that sounds too good to be true? Microsoft is trying to get as many users on Game Pass as possible, and making the switch easy is how they plan to do it.

After joining the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription plan, you can continue to redeem Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass codes onto your account.


Xbox live subscription codes only work for the country it was issued to, so please double check if the region of your account corresponds to the code that you will be activating before purchasing.

An internet connection is required for the activation of this code, and any multiplayer feature or downloading of games that you will be taking advantage of.

The monthly free games are pre-determined by Microsoft, and only applies to the games selected for that month. It is not a “any 2-4 games are free” feature.

If you have used your credit card on your Xbox account before subscribing to Xbox Live, please be aware that if the subscription runs out after 12 months Microsoft will continue to bill you until you either purchase and load another subscription code, or cancel your subscription entirely. This cancellation can be done at any time.

The benefits of Xbox Live only apply to one Xbox console.

Info and Instructions

How to buy Xbox Live Gold - Xbox Game Pass Core 12 Months BRAZIL - Global Activation in 4 steps? makes buying Xbox Live Gold - Xbox Game Pass Core 12 Months BRAZIL - Global Activation in 4 steps as easy as pie! All you need to do is fill in your email address, pick a payment method, complete the payment and voila! The code is yours.

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  • Downloadable Content or DLC products - You must have the original game in-order to play this expansion.
  • You may receive more than one code for some products.
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