Xbox Game Pass Core

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Introducing Xbox Game Pass Core: The Evolution from Xbox Live Gold

Say farewell to Xbox Live Gold and welcome the future with Xbox Game Pass Core, a revolutionary subscription service designed to provide gamers with unparalleled value. With Xbox Game Pass Core, players gain access to online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, and an ever-rotating library of over 25 top-tier games.

Key Differences: Xbox Game Pass Core vs. Xbox Live Gold

As of September 14, 2023, Xbox Live Gold has seamlessly transitioned into Xbox Game Pass Core. To grasp the significant distinctions between these two services, let's break it down:

1. Price: Xbox Game Pass Core maintains the same cost as Xbox Live Gold, but with an expanded set of features and advantages.

2. Features: Xbox Game Pass Core encompasses all the functionalities of Xbox Live Gold while adding the enticing bonus of a library brimming with over 25 high-quality games.

3. Benefits: Subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Core delight in exclusive discounts on games and other Xbox content.

Important Transition Information

For existing Xbox Live Gold members, this transition to Xbox Game Pass Core is automatic, and there's no extra charge involved. Here's what you should know:

• Games with Gold: The Games with Gold program will conclude on September 1.

• Legacy Titles: Regardless of your subscription status, any Xbox 360 titles previously acquired through Games with Gold will remain in your library.

• Xbox One Titles: Players can continue enjoying any Xbox One games previously redeemed through Games with Gold as long as they remain Game Pass Core or Game Pass Ultimate members.

• Redeeming Xbox Live Gold Codes: You can still redeem Xbox Live Gold codes, and once redeemed, you will receive the benefits of Game Pass Core, effective from September 14.

• Instant Access: Members will have immediate access to a diverse library of over 25 high-quality games.

• Member Deals & Discounts: Exclusive member deals and discounts are an integral part of the Xbox Game Pass Core experience.

Whether you're an existing Xbox Live Gold member or a newcomer to the Xbox subscription world, Xbox Game Pass Core awaits you, offering an enhanced gaming experience packed with extraordinary value. Join today and embark on a gaming journey like no other!