PlayStation Plus Essential Netherlands

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PlayStation Plus & PlayStation Network Cards Netherlands

At, we want you to get back to gaming ASAP! Take a look at our wide variety of cards offered online. Keep two things in mind 1) You will get your redemption code in minutes upon purchase 2) These particular codes are intended for Netherlands accounts only. We also offer a wide variety of countries on our webpage, so choose appropriately. 

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is what connects everyone! PlayStation will always be entertaining, but without a PlayStation Plus membership, lets admit, PlayStation can be a bit lame. That's why PlayStation has put such a strong emphasis on getting members to get access to its PlayStation Plus. With PlayStation Plus, you will get exclusive discounts to product, the ability to download free games, connect with online multiplayer, have access to movies, music and so much more! It's up to you to discover all the possibilities. Choose from one of our wide range of memberships available to Netherlands. 

What is a PlayStation Network Card?

PlayStation is serious about its entertainment! And sometimes that entertainment can get seriously carried away with your credit card! That's one very good reason to purchased a PlayStation Network Card. Don't hook your credit card up to your PlayStation! Control and monitor your PlayStation Store spending by purchasing PlayStation Network Cards. Using PlayStation Network Cards gives you credit with the online PlayStation Store. Inside the PlayStation Store, you can use your credit to purchase thousands of products such as apps, full movies and games, avatars, music and more. You can use the Network Card with any device that has the PlayStation Store such as PSP, PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

How does it work?

We supply you with a digital redemption code which gives you access. Simply select the membership you want, pay for it and the following screen will have your code. We send it to your email automatically also, so redeeming later or giving the code to a loved one has never been so easy!