Xbox Gift Cards EUR

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Are you looking for Xbox Gift Cards for an European account? If so, is the place to be! With Xbox Gift Cards EU you can purchase thousands of games, music, movies and series. We offer Xbox Gift Cards of 25, 5075 and 80 euros.

Xbox Gift Cards EU online ordering

Ordering is done like this: you select the Xbox Gift Card EU and select the credit amount of choice, you fill in your personal information, and choose the desired payment method. After payment, the unique code will be send to you. With this code, you can upgrade the credit on your Microsoft account. The credit may then be spend on games, game expansions, photos, theme’s and more, inside the Xbox Live marketplace.

Xbox gift cards are valid for a unlimited time

Xbox Gift Cards do not have a expiration date, so you choose when to redeem your card. Even if you already have credit on your account, the card is still valid. So, you can choose to save your card until you find something worth buying in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

You can treat yourself with this card, or choose to give it to another Xbox Live member.

Take notice: the Xbox Gift Cards in this category are special cards for European customers. They can only be used in combination with European Xbox Live accounts.