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ATTENTION: PlayStation Network Card redemption codes are represented by COUNTRY and can only be redeemed via corresponding accounts in the same country. Please be sure you have selected appropriately in association to your account. All PSN Cards listed here are for DANISH accounts ONLY.

NOTE: If you need to pay in Danish currency, you can head to which is our official Danish store.

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What is a PlayStation Network Card Denmark?

PlayStation is serious about its entertainment! And sometimes that entertainment can get seriously carried away with your credit card! That's one very good reason to buy PlayStation Network Cards for Denmark.

Don't hook your credit card up to your PlayStation Network Account!

Control and monitor your PlayStation Store spending by purchasing our cheap PlayStation Network Cards for DENMARK. Using PlayStation Network Gift Cards Codes gives you credit with the online PlayStation Store.

Inside the PlayStation Store, you can use your credit to purchase thousands of products such as apps, full movies and games, avatars, music and more.

You can use these PSN Digital Code Cards with any device that has the PlayStation Store such as PSP, PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

We get lots of clients asking about PlayStation 4 gift cards, or PlayStation 3 gift cards, these are all the same!

If you buy the cheap PSN Codes you see on this page, you will be able to use them on all the consoles mentioned above.

Should be noted other names for these cards include:

PlayStation store gift card, PSN Card Codes, PlayStation Network Gift Cards, PSN Network Cards, PlayStation prepaid card and PSN prepaid cards all refer to the same product (which you see on this page).

These Prepaid cards should not be confused with the PlayStation Plus DENMARK Cards which are a membership card and NOT a gift card!

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Once upon a time, you had to go to a store and purchase a card to get PSN credit. Today, it is a bit easier. Here at we give you a digital code so you don't need to go to the store anymore.

Choose which PSN Card amount suits you best, then simply input your information to get your code! Check the description for more information. Really, it's safe and easy!

Buying PSN Cards Online From has The Following Advantages:

  • Our PSN Cards Digital Codes are 100% legit.
  • We have some of the cheapest PSN Cards DENMARK on the market.
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Where can I use the PlayStation Network Prepaid Card?

PlayStation Network Cards can only be used on the PlayStation Network (i.e. not with local or online retailers). Since your PSN account is in Denmark, you need to buy country specific Danish Play Station Network Gift Cards you see displayed above.

These PSN Card Codes, when redeemed, will place the full face value of the card into the PlayStation Wallet.

You may use the funds in your Wallet to purchase exclusive games, PS one Classics, add-on game content, movies, television shows for the PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the PS VITA portable entertainment system.

Please note! Even though other countries also use Euro cards, PSN DENMARK Credit Cards are only redeemable by PlayStation Network Master Accounts with a Danish PlayStation account! How do I redeem PlayStation Network Gift Card?

Redeem your PSN Giftcard from your PS4/PS3/VITA interface:

Go to Settings > PSN > Log in, then select Fund Wallet. From here you're able to add funds with your code.

Redeeming PSN Denmark Giftcards From Your Browser:

Log in to with your PSN account and click on the currency sign to left of the check-out sign or alternatively find your account name and click on Add Wallet Funds.

Via here you will be able to choose a payment method, you will need to select “prepaid PlayStation Store card” and then enter the code we sent you.

Hope this was useful to you! If you have any more questions about these PSN Network Cards Denmark don't hesitate to contact us through our live chat (bottom right corner of your screen) we are always online to assist you!