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WOW game time: Buy Cheap World of warcraft Virtual Prepaid gametime cards in the UK

NOTE: These World of Warcraft Gametime card codes are for EU wow accounts ONLY! Country restrictions apply so ensure your Subscription is for an EU country before purchasing our codes.

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What are wow prepaid game time card Codes?

These World of Warcraft prepaid game time codes allow you to have an active Wow Subscription. The main perceived advantage of these prepaid cards is the fact you DO NOT have to link your credit card to your wow account (which a lot of people hate given the fact this subscription auto renews).

How to get a wow subscription without linking you credit card to your account

Most people would prefer to not have their credit card or debit card directly linked to your Warcraft Account, if you choose to do so, keep in mind you wow subscription will auto renew.

Buying a virtual wow prepaid card is generally the most popular option as is rather convenient and quick. If you take a quick look at our products you will see we have a range of cheap wow gamecards on sale. Whether you are looking for a 30 days wow code, world of warcraft 60 days subscription or a cheap 180 days wow card, you can rest assured we offer some of the cheapest prices in the market.

Of Course you could choose to buy the physical versions of these wow prepaid codes, but then again, who wants to actually get to the store for a simple piece or carton right? When you buy our digital wow game time codes, the code will instantly load on your screen after payment (we’ll also send them directly to your email). Making it super convenient to redeem them and forward them as a present to who ever you wish.

By buying these virtual wow cards, you access your World Of Warcraft subscription by 30, 60 or 180 days without having to worry about automated charges to your credit card. Once you buy the code from, you can just redeem it by logging into your account and entering the code.

wow prepaid card codes: how you can redeem them into wow game time

  1. Log into your account by going to the following link Head to account details.
  2. Select which wow account you want to add the credit to. This will obviously be simpler if you have a single account (make sure you select the one that says “Europe (EU)”. underneath). If you have more than a single account active, do pay some attention and ensure you add the pay time to the right one!
  3. On the next screen choose "Add Game Time Card".
  4. Now Enter the code in the specified field. You will be asked to agree to the terms before continuing.
  5. A confirmation screen will inform you the code was redeemed correctly.

Are there country restrictions on wow prepaid card codes?

Yes there are! Make sure your account is compatible with EU country restrictions. All our wow game time card codes are for EU wow accounts only.  

How much is a wow subscription card code

Well! You have come to the right website if you are looking for cheap wow gametime cards. has some of the cheapest wow gamecodes and game time subscriptions for the UK.

Our main products include these discounted 180 days wow codes for £ 59.50 and our 60 days wow gametime card for £ 20.67