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Once your payment is completed, you will receive an email containing the code. At the same time, the same code will automatically load on our website screen.

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Most popular/ best Xbox One games

As you probably noticed, we offer quite a number of Xbox One games deal, this is a list of our top xbox one games (according to our sales and customer feedback)

Xbox One game codes FAQs

Can I buy digital versions of every Xbox One game?

All Xbox One games have a digital version, unless there's a required physical peripheral (for example, the "portal" device in Skylanders SWAP Force).

Do I miss out on any pre-order bonuses or limited editions if I buy digital editions of Xbox One games?

It depends on the game. But some games, such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, actually include extra bonuses with digital content that don't come with the disc-based edition of the game.

Other titles, such as Dead Rising 3, will have pre-order incentives that come with the digital version for the first two weeks. We'll see more of these kinds of incentives, but we can't guarantee incentives in every case.

Will I be able to redownload the digital version if anything goes wrong or if I get a new console?

Yes, after you license and download the digital version, you can redownload the game.

How many digital games can I store on my Xbox One console hard drive?

That depends on the game file sizes. You can always remove game content from your hard drive to make space for new titles. Anything that you had purchased and have since deleted from your hard drive can be redownloaded at any time.

Will my progress be saved if I ever have to redownload the digital version?

As long as you still have your game save file (either on your hard drive or in the cloud), your progress will be saved and available if you redownload the digital game.

Will the digital and physical versions of a game be the same in terms of graphics, quality, speed, and performance?

Yes, digital and physical versions will be identical in these aspects.

Can I bring a digital game to play at a friend's house the way I can a physical disc?

Yes, you can play your entire digital game library wherever you're signed in (in addition to on your home console).

Can members of my family play the same game with me on separate Xbox One consoles, or do I need to purchase more?

Each Xbox One console must have either a digital or physical copy of a game. If you have other Xbox One consoles in your home and other people want to play the same game with you using those additional consoles, each console must have its own copy of the game.

Additionally, each person must have an Xbox account (either their own account or by using a guest account) that allows them to play online in a multiplayer environment in order to play the same game at the same time on different consoles.

Can I get a refund for a digital game?

No. You can’t return a digital game and receive a refund or credit.