PlayStation Plus Essential UK

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 What is PlayStation Plus Subscription?

PlayStation Plus or PS+ is a subscription service that allows you access to certain features for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. The most important features are these:

  • Play Online with Friends

    PlayStation Plus connects you with the best online community of gamers. So, team up or compete with your friends in all your favorite PS4 multiplayer games!
  • Get Free Games

    PlayStation Plus expands your gaming horizons with a growing collection of games included with your membership. From action-adventure to shooters, you'll always have something great to play.
  • Get Exclusive Deals & Discounts

    As a member of PlayStation Plus, you'll get exclusive benefits on PlayStation Store. This includes member-only sales and deeper discounts on some of the biggest and best games available - as much as 80% off!

How to Order a Cheap PlayStation Plus UK Membership Online From

Once upon a time, you had to go to a store and purchase a card to get PSN credit. Today, it is a bit easier. Here at we give you a digital code so you don't need to go to the store anymore.

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How much does a PlayStation Plus subscription for the UK cost?

If you subscribe digitally through your PlayStation device, the pricing structure breaks down like this: $9.99 for one month, $17.99 for three months, or $49.99 for a year. However, at we are happy to offer special discounts and deals for not only American PS Plus, but also UK and Euro versions! Just check out our Cheap PSN Plus Card Deals page.

Play multiplayer on PlayStation

Online multiplayer is the main reason most people subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Anytime a game lets you play with other people who aren’t sitting in the room with you, that’s online multiplayer.

Online multiplayer is a key feature in many of the biggest games these days, including The Crew, Destiny, Call of Duty, The Last of Us, and many more. If you don’t want to play online, there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But if you want to fully experience many modern games, you’ll have to go online to do so.

What’s this about free games for PlayStation?

Aside from online multiplayer, the most obvious reason to subscribe to PlayStation Plus UK is to get free games. The selection of games available differs from month to month, but they always offer at least one game for all three systems — and usually more than one. The free titles are sometimes older games, but they’re often very good games that you might have overlooked.

The one caveat here is that you lose access to your free game collection if you let your PlayStation Plus subscription lapse. But keep it up, and you can play these games indefinitely.

Discounted cheap games on the PlayStation

Each week, Sony selects a handful of games to offer at a discounted rate to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Sometimes the deals are very good, offering subscribers up to 75% off the regular price.

The only catch here is that you have to buy these games digitally, which isn’t ideal for people who prefer having their games on disks. You can check out which games are on sale for PlayStation Plus members anytime right here.

Is a PlayStation Plus subscription worth it?

As with any purchase, it depends on your needs. If you like playing PS4 games online, it’s definitely worth it, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to play online.

Even if you don’t play online, however, it’s still probably worth doing just for the free games. In 2014, Push Square reports, Sony gave PlayStation Plus members $1,300 worth of free games. If you paid $50, the standard retail price for a year’s subscription, that’s quite a bargain.

Granted, you probably don’t have all of Sony’s systems, and you won’t care to play all of the games you get for free. But between the free and discounted games, chances are you’ll play enough to make it a worthwhile investment, no matter what hardware you have.