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Release Date: MARCH 14, 2023



Region: EU

Trails to Azure: A Tale of Political Intrigue and Heroic Adventure

The Special Support Section (SSS) has gained fame and recognition for their brave deeds in Trails from Zero. However, their peaceful days are numbered as sinister organizations emerge, driven by hidden agendas. The Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard add to the mounting tensions, placing Crossbell in a precarious position between two powerful forces.

With their homeland's security and their team's solidarity hanging by a thread, Lloyd and his allies must prepare for imminent threats. Unbeknownst to them, Crossbell is on the brink of a climactic conflict that will shape its destiny. The stage is set for an epic showdown, where Lloyd's courage and determination will be tested like never before.

Join Lloyd Bannings and his companions as they navigate treacherous paths in Trails to Azure, where the future of Crossbell hangs in the balance.

Key Features of Trails to Azure

• Discover the Fate of the City-State: Embark on the thrilling finale of the Crossbell arc, a pivotal storyline in the expansive Trails universe. Follow the journey of Lloyd Bannings and his diverse group of allies as they face an uncertain future. What challenges and revelations await them in Trails to Azure?

• Unleash Crossbell's Finest Forces: Engage in exciting combat encounters enhanced by new features introduced in Trails to Azure. Harness the power of Burst attacks, strategize with Back Attacks, and even customize your own car for transportation. Additionally, encounter familiar faces from the beloved Trails of Cold Steel series, adding depth and connection to the rich world of Crossbell.

• Tap into Power from the Past: Enhance your gameplay experience by importing save data from Trails from Zero. Unlock a different story experience with additional event scenes and entirely new encounters. Furthermore, keep your save data from Trails to Azure for exclusive bonuses in the forthcoming release of Trails into Reverie, ensuring a seamless continuation of your heroic journey.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Trails to Azure: Where the destiny of Crossbell hangs in the balance. Uncover the city-state's secrets, master new combat techniques, and unleash the power of your past choices. The trails are waiting for you to leave your mark.

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