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Release Date: SEPTEMBER 30, 2022


Platform: ORIGIN

Region: WW


FIFA is one of the most popular video game series, but it has now reached the end. As a result, FIFA 23 is the last installment in this popular football video game franchise. FIFA's 20-year relationship with Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) comes to an end, but the farewell doesn't have to be bitter - this game probably contains some of the best content ever released for the series.

Key Features | FIFA 23

When it comes to video games, there are few franchises as well-known and successful as FIFA. 

Here are some of the key features in the game:

- A revised career mode that will allow players to take control of a club for up to 10 seasons.

- An expanded Pro Clubs mode that will include new customization options and gameplay features.

- A brand new Co-Op Seasons mode which can be played with friends online.

- Improved visuals and animations, thanks to the use of the Frostbite engine.

- An all-new commentary team consisting of Martin Tyler and Alan McInally.

Why Buy FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 is the most recent release in the FIFA series by EA Sports. It was released on September 28, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. As with every new FIFA release, there are a number of reasons why fans of the series would want to buy FIFA 23.

The first and most obvious reason is that it is the newest entry in the series. As such, it contains all of the latest updates and improvements that EA Sports has to offer. This makes it the most polished and complete FIFA game to date. Additionally, buying FIFA 23 also allows players to take advantage of any early bird bonuses or pre-order perks that may be offered.

Another reason to buy FIFA 23 is for the improved gameplay mechanics. These include an updated shooting system that gives players more control over their shots, as well as new animations and motion-capture technology that makes player movements look more realistic than ever before. In addition, the artificial intelligence (AI) has been significantly improved in this latest release, making for a more challenging and rewarding experience overall.

Finally, those who purchase FIFA 23 will also gain access to exclusive content not found in any other version of the game. This includes special Ultimate Team packs containing rare and unique players, as well as early access to certain events or game modes before they are made available to everyone else. For diehard fans of the series who want to get their hands on everything

FIFA 23 | What's new?

FIFA 23 is right around the corner, and with it comes a host of new features and improvements. Here's everything you need to know about what's new in FIFA 23!

First up, the biggest change coming to FIFA 23 is an all-new game engine. This means that the game will look and feel more realistic than ever before, with better lighting and animations. The gameplay itself has also been overhauled, with more accurate ball physics and improved AI.

In terms of new features, there are plenty to get excited about. One of the most intriguing is the new "Interception" system, which will add a whole new dimension to defending. There's also a brand new "Co-Op Seasons" mode, which lets you team up with a friend and compete against other duos online.

On top of all that, there are plenty of smaller improvements and tweaks being made across the board. From an improved Career Mode to revised Ultimate Team rules, there's something for everyone in FIFA 23!

System Requirements

Minimum FIFA 23 system requirements for PC

• OS: Windows 10 64-bit
• Processor: Intel Core i5 6600k or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
• Memory: 8 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 570
• DirectX: Version 12
• Network: Broadband Internet connection
• Storage: 100 GB available space

Info and Instructions

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