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Welcome to! Chances are you love the internet and gaming but also you have a Blog, YouTube channel or a lot of followers on Social media... We love that! Would you like to collaborate with us?

Benefits as a Media Partner

These are the benefits you’ll enjoy when working with!

Free game time: Because we know everybody likes freebies! Helps us build our audience and get Free Online Subscriptions for PSN, Xbox Live and Steam networks! We can provide you with a special invite code we can track when you get us new users. We will give you free playtime on the console of your choice!

Increase your exposure and grow your audience: We have more than 50,000 unique visitors a month, and that doesn't include our growing 80,000 ++ mailing list. Become a media partner and start groing your audience today! We promote all the best performing partners every week!

Giveaways from Making your social media channel more attractive by associating with us can make you eliable for free giveaways and more. Ever thought about starting a contest for your audience on your channels and pages? Your fans will love you for it! Become a partner and we can help get your audience engaged better, right this second!


Are you a Youtuber?
Start promoting for us and inviting users!

Make a promotion video and get FREE GAME PLAY TIME ON ANY CONSOLE. The more invites you get, the longer the subscription. Heck, get us 100 invites and you will be playing for free this entire year!
Sounds good?

Here’s the deal:
All you need to do is make promotional video about and send us a link to your channel. If we are impressed by your numbers, we will send you a free subscription to which ever console you own (Xbox Live, PNS or Steam).

Once you receive your code (which will take just a few minutes) just make a video explaining how simple the whole process (adding the credit to your game network) was!

Getting paid by

Ok, so you are very good at the content you produce! Would you like a part-time job with us?

We are constantly looking for Youtube content creators, bloggers, and social media influencers with large audiences.

If you think you would like to get more out than Free Game Codes (we are talking about cash baby!) then complete the form below and make sure you mention so in the appropriate tick-box...

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